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"A funeral is not a day in a lifetime; it is a lifetime in a day."

When we talk about the services a funeral home like Blacktown City Funeral offers,

it is widespread and varied. This is keeping in mind, choices, sentiments, options, sensitivities, religious beliefs and of course, last wishes. Therefore, keeping in mind all of these aspects and more there is a range of services that extend to our clients’ and they include:

Therefore, keeping in mind all of these aspects and more there is a range of services that extend to our clients’ and they include:

The services we offer at Blacktown City Funerals include:

  • Cremation and Burial Services
  • Prepaid Service
  • Repatriation
  • Choice of caskets or coffins
  • Memorial books or an online memorial
  • Choice of funeral vehicles
  • Choice of flower arrangements

Cremation and Burial Services

Burial or Cremation service

Once a loved one has departed you can choose whether you want a burial or a cremation. If it has already been planned for, then you just adhere to that person’s last wishes and then plan the funeral accordingly.

Accordingly, the apt cemetery for carrying out a burial or a cremation will be planned by the funeral house. And as a result, before completing the final rites, Blacktown City Funerals will ask you what other related services you would choose before the actual funeral is carried out which is a burial or a cremation.

One last time- A viewing session

You can opt for a private viewing session, wherein friends and family members get to say goodbye one last time and pay their respects or grieve privately. The person is dressed and presented well and goodbyes are in place before the final funeral service is carried out.

A service by the graveside

In case you have planned a burial, then you can have a service right at the graveside. This could be before or after the burial or before or after the funeral service.

Entombment or Inurnment service

If you have opted for a memorial, or have gone in for a permanent memorial in honour of the deceased, then a service is held at that spot and after which the ashes are placed in an urn, and sealed in that memorial permanently.

When a permanent memorial is ready, families sometimes hold a service to mark the occasion and place the ashes

inside and seal them in.

Scattering of the ashes service

At times, based on the deceased wishes or the family’s decision, families want to or have to, based on religious beliefs, scatter the remains of their loved ones. And here it is the ashes. Accordingly, if the family has a place in mind, our funeral home will enquire about whether it is possible or permissions are made available.

The family wake

Typically, most times, after a funeral service is done, the family holds a wake or a gathering of friends and family at a place of their choice. The wake is planned the way the family wants it. If the grieving family wants a wake in memory of the deceased, Blacktown City Funerals will take care of it for you. The venue, place and the type of wake can be planned on your behalf and you are not hassled in your moment of grief.

Prepaid Service

Like we all are prepared for tomorrow, putting aside for a rainy day, savings and insurance policies, in the same light, we could consider planning ahead for our funeral or even that of our loved ones or spouse.

Many a time, we don’t give much thought to funerals because it isn’t a pleasant thought, but if you are looking at financial prudence, then it is good to go the prepaid service way. When it is a prepaid funeral or service, you pay today’s prices and that way you plan on how you want your funeral to be, and you can pay at one go or in instalments.

With a prepaid service, you decide the funeral you want and you have already paid for it. And not just that, you make it easier for grieving relatives to just follow what you have already planned for yourself. You get a funeral that you desire, not more, not less and most of all you are not burdening anyone with steep funeral costs after you have left the world.

And financially, at times, it is a very thoughtful and practical step. Even when you are no more, you don’t tax anyone, and you get to leave the world in peace and on your own terms.


What exactly is Repatriation? Well, in layman’s terms, it is when a person who is no more or is departed, is moved from the place where he/she died, to another place. This could be either a local move, or to other states within Australia or out of the country even and is then finally laid to rest in that place. It could either a burial or a cremation service, whichever is opted for. And this is a service, Blacktown City Funerals offers.

Our funeral directors will make all the necessary arrangements and will take care of it completely. You have nothing to worry about or even know of. The coffin or casket will be moved in accordance to the family’s wishes to the place, country or location of their choice. And not just this, we have networked with funeral homes in other places or countries and will accordingly carry the Repatriation service out.

Choosing a Casket or a Coffin

At Blacktown City Funerals, we do have on board, a huge range of caskets or coffins wherein you can inter a loved one.

When choosing a coffin, it is based on how you want it to be.

It could be based on:

  • How you want to remember the person by
  • Your funeral budget and also affordability
  • If the funeral is a prepaid service, then the casket or coffin that fits into that budget is opted for
  • If the coffin is to celebrate life, or the person, then the same can be customised accordingly
  • You can choose from a range of existing designs, sizes and types viewed of course by a photo gallery and the same will be sourced by the funeral home
  • If you are environment conscious, then you can opt for coffins made from sustainable and recycled materials.

Choice of flower arrangements

The type of flowers you choose for the funeral service or even flower arrangements speak volumes and convey sentiments, feelings and are also symbolic of something. Flowers are the best messages; it is an impacting tribute and is very celebratory in nature.

Therefore, if there is a funeral service that is planned, you can choose certain types of flower arrangements as they are indicative or symbolic.

  • Lilies are all-time favourite as they depict purity, innocence, sympathy and certain wholesomeness.
  • Gladioli are common and part of many funeral services. They come in a range of colour and these flowers embody
  • strength of character, sincerity, and moral integrity.
  • Carnation flower arrangements are long-lasting and they depict undying love and remembrance.
  • When it comes to the world of roses or flower arrangements that have an assortment of roses of different hues and colours, each colour signifies something. As in, white roses bring to mind respect, humbleness, virtue, and youth. Red roses depict love, admiration, and valour. Pink roses indicate love, elegance, positive reception, gratitude, and refinement. Dark pink roses signify sorrow and mourning. Yellow roses are mostly offered by friends of the departed to indicate deep bonds and ties.
  • And a single rose in a bouquet conveys lasting love for the departed.
  • And orchids always depict, “I will forever love you and remember you by.”

Let us know your choice flower arrangement for the funeral, and Blacktown City Funerals will orchestrate it for you.

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Memorial books or Online Memorials

If you want to immortalize, commemorate, celebrate and honour a loved one, you can opt for memorial books or even an online memorial page that is dedicated to your loved one.

Thoughts, feelings, sentiments, emotions when put on paper or when written can say more than a thousand words. And so, memorial pages or books serve as a good tribute to the departed soul wherein you share memories, photos, stories, eulogies and offer condolences and prayers too. Friends and family write or post what they want to or feel like sharing.

There is continued connect amongst all and it also helps in the grieving process. And if someone couldn’t attend the funeral service, then it gives them a chance to express their feelings and condolences and gives a sense of nearness even if they were not physically present in that place at that time.

Some people also choose to inter memorial books along with some much liked belongings of the deceased in the casket or coffin just before the funeral service.

So if you are opting for memorial books or online memorials, Blacktown City Funerals can be of great help!

Choice of Funeral vehicles

If you are looking for a particular type of hearse or funeral car or funeral vehicle to help transport the deceased from the funeral home, or your residence to the funeral service site, Blacktown City Funerals can get that done for you. Also, if you know the range of funeral vehicles you want, or how many vehicles you need to help transport grieving friends, family and relatives, we can arrange for that too.

So if you want a hearse, escorts, a lead car, sedans, or even limousines, or even a combination of all this, the same can be arranged accordingly. You will have to just intimate us and we will make all arrangements.

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