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Blacktown City Funerals offers a wide variety of services by keeping in mind the choices, sentiments, options, sensitivities, religious beliefs, and last wishes. We make sure that our services are designed at affordable costs as we do not want anyone to have a second thought to choose another service provider.

With more than three decades of experience, we understand their preferences and work accordingly to make certain that they are satisfied with our services.

The services that we offer at Blacktown City Funerals include:

  • Cremation and Burial Services
  • Prepaid Service
  • Repatriation
  • Choice of caskets or coffins
  • Memorial books or an online memorial
  • Choice of funeral vehicles
  • Choice of flower arrangements

Cremation and Burial Services

Burial or Cremation service

Blacktown City Funerals offer burial and cremation services for your loved ones. Based on your needs, we customize the service to carry out the final rites of your dear ones. We comprehend the pain and loss family members go through and so we ensure that burial or cremation is performed with utmost care

One last time- A viewing session

You can opt for a private viewing session, wherein friends and family members get to say goodbye one last time and pay their respects. The person is dressed and presented well and goodbyes are in place before the final funeral service is carried out.

A service by the graveside

We customize service right at the graveside if you have opted for a burial. This can be performed before or after the burial or before or after the funeral service.

Entombment or Inurnment service

We offer a permanent memorial in honor of the deceased. We make sure that a service is held at that spot and after which the ashes are placed in an urn, and sealed in that memorial permanently.

Scattering of the ashes service

At Blacktown City Funerals, we make enquire about the possible permissions provided to scatter the remains of their loved ones based on family belief systems.

The family wake

Blacktown City Funerals help families to hold a wake or gathering of friends and relatives at a place of their choice. We personalize this service and make it hassle-free.

Prepaid Service

We offer prepaid services to make sure your loved ones have easy funeral services and you will not have the burden of paying additional charges for the services you opt every now and then. We personalize the funeral services for the price you pay, plan the day with the perfect funeral process. When it is a prepaid funeral or service, you pay today’s prices and we help you plan on how you want your funeral to be, and you can pay at one go or in installments.

Blacktown City Funerals can eliminate the financial burden by offering prepaid service and making it easier for you and your grieving relatives to follow what you have already planned for the day. You need to thoughtful and take proper decisions to ensure that you do not rely on anyone for financial help.


Repatriation is the process of transporting the deceased person remains to principle residence or to the other place as requested by family members. This transportation can be local, interstate, or international. Blacktown City Funerals offer repatriation services throughout Australia to finally rest the deceased in a place of choice. Apart from this, we also offer burial and cremation services based on your needs.

Our funeral directors will make all the necessary arrangements and will take care of it completely. You have nothing to worry about. The coffin or casket will be moved in accordance with the family’s wishes to the place, country, or location of their choice. And not just this, we have networked with funeral homes in other places and countries and accordingly carry the repatriation services to match your requirements.

Choosing a Casket or a Coffin

At Blacktown City Funerals, we have a collection of coffins and caskets, accessories for your loved ones.

You can choose a coffin, based on your requirements.

It could be based on:

  • The way you want to remember the person
  • Funeral budget and affordability
  • For a prepaid service, we provide the casket or coffin to fit your budget
  • You can choose from our extensive range of existing designs, sizes and types for a funeral service
  • For environment-friendly designs, you can opt for coffins made from sustainable and recycled materials.

Choice of flower arrangements

We are highly experienced in helping you choose the flowers for making arrangements as per the funeral service. We ensure that the flowers are fresh and includes casket sprays, condolence flowers, standing sprays, and a range of simple bouquets with a combination of lilies, roses, daises, etc.

Let us know your choice of flower arrangement for the funeral, Blacktown City Funerals will orchestrate it for you.

To know more, call us on our numbers 416 320 210/ 400 744 044/ 2 9620 7328 or email us at

Therefore, for a funeral service you can choose certain types of flower arrangements as they are indicative or symbolic.

  • Lilies are an all-time favourite as they depict purity, innocence, sympathy and certain wholesomeness.
  • Gladioli are common and part of many funeral services. They are available in diverse colours and they express character, sincerity, and moral integrity.
  • Carnation flower arrangements are long-lasting and they depict undying love and remembrance.
  • When it comes to the world of roses- white roses bring to mind respect, humbleness, virtue, and youth; red roses depict love, admiration, and valour; pink roses indicate love, elegance, positive reception, gratitude, and refinement; dark pink roses signify sorrow and mourning; yellow roses are mostly offered by friends of the departed to indicate deep bonds and ties.
  • Orchids always depict, “I will forever love you and remember you”

Memorial books or Online Memorials

Invite your family and friend to leave a tribute, add photos, stories about a deceased person on an online memorial page that is solely dedicated to your loved one. Blacktown City Funerals provide services to immortalize, commemorate, celebrate and honor a loved one.

Thoughts, feelings, sentiments, emotions when putting on paper, or when written can say more than a thousand words. We understand that the memorial pages or books serve as a good tribute to the departed soul wherein you share memories, photos, stories, eulogies and offer condolences and prayers too. Friends and family can write or post their thoughts.

This unique platform can give a chance for people who missed the funeral service to offer their condolences and feelings. Memorials are easy to create and helps everyone to pay tribute to their departed friend or a family member.

Blacktown City Funerals can be of great help if you are opting for memorial books or online memorials.

Choice of Funeral vehicles

If you are looking for a particular type of hearse, car or funeral vehicle to help transport the deceased from the funeral home or your residence to the funeral service site, Blacktown City Funerals can get that done for you. We also have vehicles to transport your grieving friends, family and relatives to the funeral site at cost-effective prices.

If you wish to hire a hearse, escorts, a lead car, sedans, limousines, or a combination of all this, we can arrange it to match your requirements. You can call us to book a service and we will make the necessary arrangements.

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