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What exactly is Repatriation? Well, in laymanís terms, it is when a person who is no more or is departed, is moved from the place where he/she died, to another place. This could be either a local move, or to other states within Australia or out of the country even and is then finally laid to rest in that place. It could either a burial or a cremation service, whichever is opted for. And this is a service, Blacktown City Funerals offers.

Our funeral directors will make all the necessary arrangements and will take care of it completely. You have nothing to worry about or even know of. The coffin or casket will be moved in accordance to the familyís wishes to the place, country or location of their choice. And not just this, we have networked with funeral homes in other places or countries and will accordingly carry the Repatriation service out.

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