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Prepaid Service

Can you prepay for a cremation or burial service ? Like we all are prepared for tomorrow, putting aside for a rainy day, savings and insurance policies, in the same light, we could consider planning ahead for our funeral or even that of our loved ones or spouse.

Many a time, we donít give much thought to funerals because it isnít a pleasant thought, but if you are looking at financial prudence, then it is good to go the prepaid service way. When it is a prepaid funeral or service, you pay todayís prices and that way you plan on how you want your funeral to be, and you can pay at one go or in instalments.

With a prepaid service, you decide t-he funeral you want and you have already paid for it. And not just that, you make it easier for grieving relatives to just follow what you have already planned for yourself. You get a funeral that you desire, not more, not less and most of all you are not burdening anyone with steep funeral costs after you have left the world.

And financially, at times, it is a very thoughtful and practical step. Even when you are no more, you donít tax anyone, and you get to leave the world in peace and on your own terms.

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