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Funeral Services in Rouse hill

"The dependable funeral directors in Rouse hill."

If you are looking for reliable funeral homes in Rouse hill, NSW, to make funeral arrangements for your loved one, then you should reach out to Blacktown City Funerals. Over the years’ we have been engaged in a range of funeral services in Rouse hill. Our experienced funeral directors in Rouse hill extend thoughtful, affordable and customized funeral arrangements to residents in and around Sydney, NSW.

In your time of grief and the saddest moments of your life, our funeral directors in Rouse hill will take care of all the funeral arrangements on your behalf. We know what it is like and how it feels. So, we make sure that we take care of the funeral services and make all the funeral arrangements in the background, while you grieve.

As is evident, our funeral home is meant for people who have departed, so it could practically be anyone, aged, young or old, or even people who have opted for the prepaid service. In case, a family member wants something to be added to the prepaid service, it can be accommodated, just that the difference or additional charges will have to be paid for.

Cremation services Rouse hill

The services we offer include:

  • Cremation and Burial Services
  • Prepaid Service
  • Repatriation
  • Choice of caskets or coffins
  • Memorial books or an online memorial
  • Choice of funeral vehicles
  • Choice of flower arrangements

Cremation services & Burial services Rouse hill

These days, people opt for either cremation services or burial services. Depending of course on practices and customs followed and also what a person’s religion prescribes, cremation or burial is opted for. At times, the just deceased person may have had a last wish that they want to be cremated and their ashes to be scattered in the ocean. Or they may have a specific place they want the ashes to be scattered. Then cremation services will be organized by our funeral home- Blacktown City Funerals. If it is burial services that are opted for, then the funeral arrangements include selecting the casket or coffin, what type of funeral vehicles are required and also other funeral services will accompany it.

For the funeral services for your loved one, if you want funeral vehicles, flower arrangements or want a private funeral service, connect with the funeral directors at Blacktown City Funerals. Call us on 0400 744 044/ 0400 744 044/ 02 9620 7328 or write to

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