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Choice of flower arrangements

The type of flowers you choose for the funeral service or even flower arrangements speak volumes and convey sentiments, feelings and are also symbolic of something. Flowers are the best messages; it is an impacting tribute and is very celebratory in nature.

Therefore, if there is a funeral service that is planned, you can choose certain types of flower arrangements as they are indicative or symbolic.

  • Lilies are all-time favourite as they depict purity, innocence, sympathy and certain wholesomeness.
  • Gladioli are common and part of many funeral services. They come in a range of colour and these flowers embody
  • strength of character, sincerity, and moral integrity.
  • Carnation flower arrangements are long-lasting and they depict undying love and remembrance.
  • When it comes to the world of roses or flower arrangements that have an assortment of roses of different hues and colours, each colour signifies something. As in, white roses bring to mind respect, humbleness, virtue, and youth. Red roses depict love, admiration, and valour. Pink roses indicate love, elegance, positive reception, gratitude, and refinement. Dark pink roses signify sorrow and mourning. Yellow roses are mostly offered by friends of the departed to indicate deep bonds and ties.
  • And a single rose in a bouquet conveys lasting love for the departed.
  • And orchids always depict, I will forever love you and remember you by.

Let us know your choice flower arrangement for the funeral, and Blacktown City Funerals will orchestrate it for you.

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