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Blacktown City Funerals provide funeral services for other religion and cultures.

We have professional staffs from other nationalities who not only understand our Australian culture but also how to also how to conduct funeral services for others religion.

Every culture has their own values and religious ways to conduct certain activities, funereal services is one of them.

Blacktown City Funerals has that experience and dedication to fulfil their requirements;

Such organisations include;

*Indian Funerals – (Hindu or Christians)

*Sikhs – Blacktown City Funerals has a close relationship with the Indian community by supporting each organisation with sponsorship and donations.

Australia Polynesian Community: Fijian/Samoan/Tongan and the Cook Island community.

Muslim Community (Marsden Park), Mount Druit

     Australian Malaysian Community which consists of Tamil and Christians

     Nepalese Community of NSW

     Gujarat Community

Blacktown Funerals can also arrange priest, clergy, Pandit Ji, Gyani Ji including any other special requirements by the family to conduct the rituals on the day of the service such as dressing the deceased with the help and guidance by our Male and Female staff to help the family.

Blacktown City Funerals has their own funeral home which includes their own

chapel for viewing, performing prayer rituals and private viewing. This also includes our own mortuary which makes it lot easier for family members especially visitors from overseas providing privacy.

Funeral process;

First thing to do is contact your local funeral service provider who will guide you with all the information required to arrange the funeral service. Unless the deceased passed away at home, you will need to contact the local police and the family doctor to issue cause of death; if the deceased hasn’t seen their local for the past 3 months then it will be a coroners case. Our NSW coroners are located at Glebe .

The funeral director will arrange a time to meet the family either at their funeral home or at their convenience to discuss the process, arrange paperwork and discuss how the family plans to farewell their loved Our professional staff will guide and advice in every possible way to make this possible. Our job is to give family time, better advice, provide care with quality service which is affordable.

Gurmit Singh has been conducting Indian funeral services including other cultures for many years with so many satisfied families; he is well known to the community and the founder of Indian funeral services NSW who is the reason why the Indian community is able to conduct Indian funeral services with our custom and culture. Mr Singh also involves with a lot of Indian communities by providing donations and sponsoring cultural events. He also allows families to keep the ashes at his chapel, especially those who wish to take the ashes abroad on a certain time. Ashes are sealed and secured with travel documents.

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