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Cremation and Burial Services Sydney

Burial or Cremation service

Blacktown City Funerals offer burial and cremation services for your loved ones. Based on your needs, we customize the service to carry out the final rites of your dear ones. We comprehend the pain and loss family members go through and so we ensure that burial or cremation is performed with utmost care

One last time- A viewing session

You can opt for a private viewing session, wherein friends and family members get to say goodbye one last time and pay their respects. The person is dressed and presented well and goodbyes are in place before the final funeral service is carried out.

A service by the graveside

We customize service right at the graveside if you have opted for a burial. This can be performed before or after the burial or before or after the funeral service.

Entombment or Inurnment service

We offer a permanent memorial in honor of the deceased. We make sure that a service is held at that spot and after which the ashes are placed in an urn, and sealed in that memorial permanently.

Scattering of the ashes service

At Blacktown City Funerals, we make enquire about the possible permissions provided to scatter the remains of their loved ones based on family belief systems.

The family wake

Blacktown City Funerals help families to hold a wake or gathering of friends and relatives at a place of their choice. We personalize this service and make it hassle-free.

Cheap Burial Service Team Sydney
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Creamtion Services Sydney

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Cheap Burial Service Team Sydney
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