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Choosing a Casket or a Coffin

At Blacktown City Funerals, we do have on board, a huge range of caskets or coffins wherein you can inter a loved one.

When choosing a coffin, it is based on how you want it to be.

It could be based on:

  • How you want to remember the person by
  • Your funeral budget and also affordability
  • If the funeral is a prepaid service, then the casket or coffin that fits into that budget is opted for
  • If the coffin is to celebrate life, or the person, then the same can be customised accordingly
  • You can choose from a range of existing designs, sizes and types viewed of course by a photo gallery and the same will be sourced by the funeral home
  • If you are environment conscious, then you can opt for coffins made from sustainable and recycled materials.

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