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"We love them, we miss them, we grieve them, and so, we live our lives to make them proud."

Bidding the final adieu is never easy and saying the last goodbye is different for each person. And this is because we are all different individuals and the life that we have lived, the friends that we have made, the people that we have loved or known varies from person to person.

So if you want to say that last goodbye in the form of a fitting funeral service, it is time to reach out to Blacktown City Funerals. And this is carried out keeping in mind the different cultures, beliefs, religions, practices, traditions, wishes and requirements.

As is evident, our funeral home is meant for people who have departed, so it could practically be anyone, aged, young or old, or even people who have opted for the prepaid service. In case, a family member wants something to be added to the prepaid service, it can be accommodated, just that the difference or additional charges will have to be paid for.

Blacktown Funerals

The services we offer at Blacktown City Funerals include:

  • Cremation and Burial Services
  • Prepaid Service
  • Repatriation
  • Choice of caskets or coffins
  • Memorial books or an online memorial
  • Choice of funeral vehicles
  • Choice of flower arrangements

With respect to certain services, funeral vehicles, flower arrangements, caskets and coffins, we do have an image repository and people can choose from that and we will make arrangements accordingly. We do not limit ourselves to a suburb, or place, we do provide interstate, and overseas services, if required. And just so you know, we have our own chapel and mortuary too.

If we were to look at our nearest competitors, we do agree that our services are similar but our pricing and services are a lot better and personalised. Our competitorsí are operated by the same company whereas we are independent which enhances our uniqueness and highlights our specialised services.

All our funeral vehicles are insured and licensed and we have also availed all the required licenses and accreditations. And last but not the least, we are fully in the know that funerals or losing a loved one is not easy at all, and in that for the intuitive services we offer, most of our customersí have expressed their gratefulness and thankfulness via cards, messages and notes.

At any time you want to reach out to us, you can call us or even write to us, or you can discuss with us in person. And whatever doubts or queries you may have, we will address it and we will give you a complete walkthrough of the services opted for and how it will be conducted.

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